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21st August 2012

Little Green Riding Hood to grace the stage

Little Green Riding Hood

Fame Factory Spotlight Ltd in association with Bradfield Village Hall are proud to present Little Green Riding Hood on Sunday 14th October at 2pm.

Little Green Riding Hood is a new exciting pantomime style production for children aged 4 - 11, all about the importance of being "green" and not wasting water. With the baddie Mr. Wolf leaving taps on and wasting water, our hero Little Green jumps into action and aided by Granny they teach Mr. Wolf where and why he is going wrong, and how to be good. Comedy is added by Jack Sprat our "village idiot" who always gets things wrong.

After the show there will be a short recess of around 15 minutes, this will be followed by a workshop with the actors for all the children. The work shop will last approximately half an hour. Within the workshop, the children are free to ask any questions about any of the issues raised during the show. There will also be a demonstration on how the water is recycled, with a step by step visual explanation.

There will also be 2 large display stand’s which will be Good Habits and Bad Habits the children will be asked to select a habit out of the "Habit Bucket" and decide which wall it should belong on, with help from the audience, they are encourage to shout out and explain their choice and why they feel it is a good habit and bad habit.

The children will also learn just how important water is to us today and how we get it to our taps and learn some cool interesting facts and maybe something completely new for them to think about like The water on earth today is the same water that has always been here. The same water used by the dinosaurs, the cavemen, the Romans, medieval knights, Victorians and our grandparents. Water is constantly being recycled, in the water cycle there is no new water. or Water is vital for all life. You could survive for a month or so without food but less than a week without water. Water is the most natural, healthy thing we can drink, our bodies are 70% water and our brains are 78% water, so it is important to drink water to keep our minds and bodies active.


Adult/Child: £5 per ticket, 2 and under free.
Available from Lynn on 285 1227 or the Post Office.