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News from Bradfield Village Hall
30th September 2009

Silver Rose Award for Bradfield

Following the spring and summer judging for the 2009 Yorkshire in Bloom awards, Bradfield received a Silver Rose Award. 

The judges commented that "Bradfield's dedicated In Bloom Group clearly demonstrated its commitment to the continual enhancement the village presenting evidence of work undertaken during the year and a range of floral displays throughout the two parts of the village with contributions from various sectors of the community."

The judges went on to say "the on-going work to the river clearance, removal of pernicious Japanese Knotweed and taking the lead role in the plans to replace the river footbridge washed away in the 2007 floods is a further indication of the ambition and fortitude of the group."

Horticultural Achievement

Areas of Achievement:
The attractive and well-maintained front gardens in Jane Street and opposite the Post Office, the Parish Council gardens and the generously planted summer displays within a range of containers at locations throughout the village.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Continue with the plans to overcome the erosion problems on the steep bank behind the Village Hall. 
  • Explore the possibility of introducing impact planting within the large tarmac car park at the public house in High Bradfield. 
  • The addition of permanent planting to supplement seasonal planting in containers. 
  • Give further consideration to the introduction of some permanent planting in front of the boundary stones.

Environmental Responsibility

Areas of Achievement:
The completion of the provision of the themed boundary stones at each of the seven roads entering the village. The overall cleanliness of the village. The efforts being made to eradicate the Japanese Knotweed adjacent to the riverbank and the improvements taking place around the Recycling facilities. The proposed plans to replace the footbridge across the river to improve access to the cricket field and Village Hall.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Continue with further sowings of the wildflower plantings in verges to improve the link between Low and High Bradfield. 
  • Continue with the planned clearance of the river alongside the cricket ground and the regular removal of the Japanese Knotweed. 
  • The planned resurfacing of the area adjacent the recycling containers will greatly assist to keep the area clean and tidy.
  • Continue giving thought to some form of interpretation explaining the heritage depicted on the boundary stones for visitors to the village. 
  • The continued lack of maintenance to the bollards and paving setts at Ruth's Garden is a concern.

Community Participation

Areas of Achievement:
Clear evidence of planned future improvements and all-year-round planning and involvement by the In Bloom Group. Good display of work undertaken by the Group demonstrating achievements throughout the year. On-going increased community participation demonstrating that the Group and the competition is achieving positive results.

The Village Newsletter and well-produced posters provide good evidence of the awareness generated by the competition. The successful fundraising activities including the Barn Dance and the efforts being made to attract grants for the new footbridge.

Areas for Improvement:
Whilst focusing on major improvement projects - replacement bridge, river and Japanese Knotweed clearance and surfacing to the recycling centre ensure that the floral aspects of the entry continue to develop to ensure the current standards are maintained and where possible improved.